14 Oct

10 Reasons To Use Cheetah Clean

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Here at Cheetah Clean, we strive to bring the best service to our customers.  In the process of doing so, we also take every precaution when it comes to caring for the environment.  That’s not all we do!  We’ve compiled a top 10 list to help explain why it’s better to use Cheetah Clean:

  1. Because we have the absolute best equipped and trained staff in the world.  Seriously, I would put these guys up against any crew, ANYWHERE!  Plus me, Jeff Fields, actually wash cars on a regular basis so I have a good sense as to what my associates need to make it easier for them to provide unparalleled service.  We don’t seek to compete in the car wash market, we dominate our industry.  We compete for ALL your disposable dollars and are committed to earning your business.
  2. My family has patents on car washing equipment and has vast history, knowledge, and credibility in the industry.
  3. We are distributors of chemicals and equipment so we can provide more value at a lower operational cost than others.
  4. We have the most advanced wash equipment in our market. (Peco top washer, hush neoglide wrap material, CAR PICS POS software, our own design and patented equipment that is exclusive to our facilities.)
  5. We are committed to supporting the community with various fundraising  and support activities.
  6. We treat our associates as business partners and operate an open book management practice.  Read more on this @ www.greatgame.com
  7. Support a company that is committed to you the customer and is relentless is bringing the best we can offer.
  8. We are expanding and need your support.
  9. Look good, FEEL GREAT!
  10. FREE vacuums and a slew of other incentives, including air drills, mat shampooers, top washer, and our specialty towel program!

Stop by Cheetah Clean today and check out all our great deals happening at the wash!  Don’t you think it’s time to become part of the #CheetahCleanTeam!?

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