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Do you wash your car on a regular basis, as in 3-5 times a week? If not, you should highly consider doing so. You should develop a habit of washing your car like most of us have developed a habit of brushing our teeth. Hopefully at an early age, you took it upon yourself to take care of those prized pearls filling your mouth. We were all told at one point in time to brush 2-3 times a day in order to keep them in check.

Our vehicles become littered with bugs, pollen, dirt and grime every single day, and if you leave that nastiness on your vehicle for very long, it becomes much more difficult to remove. That’s why we offer fantastic monthly UNLIMITED packages. Sign up for a monthly package, and wash your vehicle AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT. The beautiful thing about becoming an unlimited member isn’t just about washing the outside of your vehicle, it’s about maintaining it as a whole.


Every unlimited member receives access to lots of outstanding perks, including our extreme treatment options, provided below:

Nitro Wheel Clean Treatment: We are hands on with our wheel and tire treatments, making it a guarantee to get rid of the brake dust and grime that collects on your wheels and tires. We apply this treatment before you enter the wash, and when you exit, you’ll notice the difference immediately. The dirt and nastiness seemingly melts away with this top of the line product.





Rocker Panel Treatment: One of the most common places that car wash businesses miss is your rocker panels, the portion of the vehicle that is closest to the ground. Ultimately, this area of your vehicle is most prone to becoming filthy, given its proximity to the elements that mother nature provides. We also apply this treatment before you enter the wash, allowing the ingredients to soak and loosen any bit of unwanted residue on your vehicle, making it a guarantee that our wash will remove.




FullSizeRender 2

Bug Removal Treatment: With spring just around the corner, it’s inevitable that many flying insects and other species will soon be piling onto your ride. The make up of mosquitos, lady bugs, etc. if left alone, can greatly damage your vehicle, hardening and become more difficult to remove the longer you avoid washing. Our bug removal treatment has proved time and time again to be essential to maintaining the look and quality of your vehicle.

Other Miscellaneous Treatments: Other treatments offered include the removal of Mold & Mildew. As a reminder, we’re the ONLY wash providing a top wash and polisher that’s capable of removing these unwanted, harmful fungus’ produced by the elements the great outdoors. We also offer the removal of bird droppings as well.

You’ll also be given access to our specialty towels and surface cleaners, air drills, boom vacuums, Rhino car mat cleaner…the list goes on and on and on and on!!


Do you have a family with more than one vehicle under your watch? If so, take full advantage of our specialty family plans! We offer discounted pricing for each additional vehicle you want to add on to your unlimited plan.


On top of all of that, we also offer FREE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE to all our our #CheetahCleanTeam unlimited members! This includes incidents related to running out of gas, blowing a tire, or needing a battery charge.

Why miss out on this fantastic deal to keep your vehicles looking in ship-shape!? Stop by 31-W Bypass and see what our unlimited plans are all about today!

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