28 Apr

Centralized Bug Removal

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Spring has sprung, and we know what that means! Not only are the allergy villains lurking, but the millions of insects and other bug-shaped creatures are out in full force. Bugs can surprisingly do major damage to your vehicle, especially if left untreated for an extended period of time. Here at Cheetah Clean, we’ve developed a 5-step process to remove bugs from your vehicle.


Our booms located at the entrance of our wash allows for complete, 360 degree rotation, allowing our technicians to effectively apply our bug removal protocol to every side of your vehicle. Our wash is equipped with the only top washer in Bowling Green, making sure we get the bugs of every part of your vehicle.

Our five step process breaks down as follows:


  1. Butyl pre-treatment

This pretreatment is a specialized, liquid blend which cools the surface of the vehicle. Cooling the surface allows for safer removal of those pesky, hard to get bugs. This obviously provides better protection for your ride as well.

2. Sodium Hydroxide

Another liquid application, which focuses on emulsifying the bugs itself, loosening the stains leftover after a long drive on the interstate.


3. Fiber Synthetic Pass with Brush

Our brushes are produced with fiber synthetic material to allow for non-scratch, firm handling of insects and mites. This pass is completed around all sides of your vehicle, including windows and rocker panels.


4. Swiss Tex Pass

We follow up with another pass of the automobile with our swiss tex brush. This material is much more refined, made from softer material. This takes care of all the nooks & cranny’s around your vehicle, making sure we reach those hard to reach places.


5. Heated Nozzle High Pressure Hose

Last, but certainly not least, we round the vehicle at hand with a specialized, heated nozzle hose to erase all bugs and grime. The design of this particular setup reassures that all bugs are safely and efficiently removed.

With the warm, humid air now starting to engulf south central Kentucky, the presence of bugs will only increase. Stop by today and sign up for one of our unlimited plan packages, and become a part of the #CheetahCleanTeam today!

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