6 Jan

Cheetah Clean Expansion

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The heavy equipment continues to churn as our expansion to our 31W location in Bowling Green continues. We’ve ripped up concrete and implemented new service stations, and we’re now in the midst of adding additional vacuum booms and service stations. This will completely change the logistics of how Cheetah Clean operates, providing the most important people, our customers, with a better experience.


Not only will this expansion improve the overall quality of our operation, it will also make us quicker and more efficient at the pleasure of those who wash their cars with us. A faster wash with better efficiency? If that’s not good news we don’t know what is!


You’ll soon be noticing new barricades and lighting around our location, not to mention some flashy new signage to decorate the expanded property. Safety for our customers is of utmost importance, and the barricades and extra lighting will provide bolstered security and safety barriers while you wash.

Stop by and see us any time during normal business hours for more information. We’d be happy to show you our plans and what we plan to roll out here in the very near future! Why wait? Become part of the Cheetah Clean Team Today!

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