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Collective Wisdom >>> You

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If you’re a fan of the current events going on around Cheetah Clean auto wash, you know we like implementing innovative ideas from The Great Game of Business. We enjoy sharing the ins & outs of our business with you, as we feel it can applied to just about any situation.

Recently, we’ve started focusing on Collective Wisdom. Often times, the owner/operators or lead managers make all the calls that determine whether a given business succeeds or fails. Given, some poeple are good at that, however, it has been proven that when you apply Collective Wisdom, the outcome is usually more on the positive side.

Public speaker and author, James Surowiecki, spoke about his book, “The Wisdom of Crowds,” at a Great Game of Business conference recently. His book discusses the wisdom of a crowd, and how it can outweigh the ultimate wisest person within the crowd. This raises questions.

The following is an excerpt taken from the Great Game of Business blog:

How can the average of a group of numbers (contributors) yield a greater result than that of the highest number in the group?

Consider a group of six strangers on an elevator. If you asked them a question, and solicited independent or collective responses, the results may not be so intuitive. If you then turned off the power to the elevator between two floors, and asked the team how to solve this predicament, you would have seen a group working together collectively to find the most viable solution to a safe exit from the elevator. They now have a common goal.

Considering the power and potential of a better, more creative, “out of the box” idea as a result of the collective wisdom of the crowd, leaders would need to provide the team with:

  • A common goal
  • A true commitment to genuine collaboration
  • Players who embrace the concept of teamwork
  • An atmosphere that encourages creative brainstorming, where there are no bad ideas
  • A desire to solve, plan and project a path to moving forward

We encourage you to check out this piece in its entirety. It’s a great resource and includes practices that can be applied in most any organization or business. Allowing collective thinking has taken Cheetah Clean to new heights, and we hope it can do the same for you! Remember…Collective Wisdom >>> YOU!

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