11 Sep

Community Farmers Market Gets Cleaned Up!

  • By: Jeff Fields
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Cheetah Clean Auto Wash is a proud supporter of the Community Farmers Market. In addition to fully supporting the Community Farmers Market Kid’s Club, Cheetah Clean also had the privilege of cleaning up the Community Farmers Market bus.

Owner, Jeff Fields, of Cheetah Clean Auto Wash says, “Starting a new business has been time consuming and making it out to the market has been a challenge so I thought about becoming a sponsor or something so I could contribute to the cause. I think the local “push” is important especially when it comes to our food. People should have a relationship and knowledge of where our food comes from. It seems as though people have lost touch with a lot of important things and I want to help change that. In the end I would love to see a local farmer’s market compete with these big box stores. Especially in the hours of operation and accessibility.”


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