22 Jul

Construction of our 3rd location has begun!

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CHEETAH Nation is on the move again, and this time we’re heading south of Bowling Green!  A few months back, we teased the idea of our third location coming to Franklin, and after weeks of design and planning, we’re ECSTATIC to inform you that Cheetah Clean Auto Wash will be getting a THIRD location…in Franklin, KY!  We’ve built our brand on thinking exponentially, not linearly, and we plan on continuing to do so.

We currently have two locations in Bowling Green, KY, located on 31-W Bypass and Veteran’s Memorial.  After analyzing the data gathered by us regarding our customers, we came to the conclusion that Cheetah Clean, as we as our AWESOME customer base, would greatly benefit from the addition of a third location in Franklin.

So…the question on everyone’s mind is, where is this location in Franklin?  Well, it’s quite simple.  We’ll be between Overtime and Wal-Mart on Nashville Road.  Utilize the google maps image below for a better illustration of where we’ll be at:

via Google Earth

Once we stumbled upon this property, we couldn’t say no.  We knew if we didn’t take this opportunity, someone else was going to.  This is a fantastic lot, with TONS of potential.

Not only will we be building our third location on this lot, but we’ll have the space to add another business or two as well.  If you’re interested in teaming up with the fastest growing car wash operation in south central Kentucky, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Photo by Michael Kemp


We’ve already seen a lot of progress with the excavation crew, and the outline of our plans should see this site completed and open for business sometime between October and December of this year.  Of course, all of this depends scheduling of parts, contractors and subcontractors.

With the incredible team we have working on this challenging project, we have no doubt we’ll be up and running by 2018!

Keep your eyes peeled for our next move as we continue to strive and stay ahead of the car wash game!  Come see us today and become a part of the #CheetahCleanTeam!

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