5 Dec

Deals on Wheels!

  • By: Jeff Fields
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With the holiday season just around the corner, we’re launching our Deals on Wheels campaign! We’ve got specials on everything from gift cards to complete details, and we’re looking forward to rolling this information out to our customers! To make things even easier for you, we here at Cheetah Clean have online access so you can manage your account right from your couch, or on the road via your smartphone!

Accessing our account page allows you access to many services we offer here at Cheetah Clean. Those service include, but are not limited to, Unlimited Plans, Plan Maintenance, Gift Cards, Wash Cards, Individual Cards, Current Balance & Refill options, along with the ability to purchase Cheetah Clean apparel!


Now it’s time to get to the important stuff…our specialty deals we’re offering for the Holiday season! For a limited time, $50 gift cards are 30% off! That’s right, get a $50 Gift Card for only $35! We’re also offering specialty deals on our wide variety of detailing services.

Our details come with a complete deep cleaning, both inside and out, along with the application of vital treatments that are very important to the longevity of your vehicle’s life.

Whether it’s cigar or cigarette smoke, mold/mildew or those awful messes pets and kids leave behind, we tackle it all here at Cheetah Clean Auto Wash. The exterior part of our detailing comes complete with a precise hand wash, followed by the application of wet sanding, high-speed buffer, claybar and finishing buffer. The combination of these ingredients take out most, if not all light scrapes and scratches to the outside of your car, truck or SUV.


The pricing of our details range $50 and up, depending on whatever the customer wants. We have base prices for our standard details. Have a look:

SMALL, 2-DOOR (Corvette, Camaro, Miata) $150

MEDIUM (Camry, Accord, Maxima) $200

LARGE (Small SUV) $250

X-LARGE (Trucks, SUV w/3rd Row) $300

Our standard details include the cleaning of every surface, from headliner to seat belts. We would like to note that the estimates given above are a GENERALIZATION, not GUARANTEE. Every vehicle is unique in its own way, from size to nastiness. All vehicles will be inspected and quoted for pricing individually.

Schedule your detail today and get 20% off total costs. The costs for details depends upon many things, including the size of your vehicle, along with effort needed to clean up whatever mess you have.

Stop by either one of our Bowling Green locations (31-W Bypass or Veterans Memorial) or contact us by phone for more information. Take advantage of these great deals today. Get an unlimited plan for yourself, or purchase a gift card for a loved one this Christmas season. Become a part of the fastest growing car wash team today…join the #CheetahCleanTeam!

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