30 Nov

Detroit Business Trip – Carwash Commando

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Cheetah Clean teamed up with Awesome Fabrications and Fields’ Enterprise last week for a mini business trip a few days before Thanksgiving. This tandem of entrepreneurs has a vision of bigger and better things on the way in the near future, and they’re not talking about it, they’re getting it done.


Carwash commando has been in the works for several months now, and the pieces appear to be coming together nicely. Carwash Commando will be a premium wash part and ingredient distributor, making for easier access to the top quality products on the market for our locally owned washes, including Cheetah Clean.


While on the trip to Detroit, Michigan, the team met with Dan Beaupied and Terry McGuire, the floor and sale directors of PECO, as well as with J.R. Rietsch, the President of the company. A number of conversations took place, with many focusing on rolling out this whole distributor thing in the proper fashion. It was a privilege to share and exchange ideas with individuals who are truly on another level.


After meeting with PECO, we found ourselves with the one and only Bobby Jones, a prominent player with TSS Promoting Car Wash Services. It was exciting to brainstorm and piece together ideas for our new marketing campaigns, and we can’t wait to roll them all out in the near future.


This process has just started, friends, but the energy level is overflowing and we can’t wait to roll out and expand beyond the realms of our current area to bring new and improved services back to Cheetah Clean. Are you on the #CheetahCleanTeam yet!?! If not…join today!

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