4 Aug

DRB Rock This Town Event

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This past week, Cheetah Clean team members from our wash traveled to Cleveland, OH to take part in the DRB Rock This Town Event. The event included a tour of four top car wash facilities in and around the city, and offered fantastic ideas on how to increase our quality and efficiency. The event was based on innovation, and thinking outside the box. In order to do that, we must think of “innovation” as “In-KNOW-vation”. Knowing our customers and not only what they expect, but what they WANT is of utmost importance.


Our team had the opportunity to tour many car washes, including Wash Works in Akron, Andy’s Auto Wash and Detail Center in New Olmsted, and Splash Car Wash in Fairlawn, OH. We were able to take step on the wild side and go against the grain, taking lots of notes to expand upon after our return.

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DRB provided us with detailed information on new technologies they’re working on to make available to the public soon. We’ll be taking some of their practices and devices and implementing them here in Bowling Green over the upcoming months. DRB prides themselves on staying on top of the game and ahead of other leaders in the POS business. The following is an excerpt taken from DRB:

A clean vehicle, inside and out; that’s only the beginning of what a successful full service car wash offers its customers. The full service site that stands out and grows is the one that makes its customers feel special and appreciated — in addition to turning out a great looking vehicle. There are a variety of SiteWatch® products that will help you show customers how much you value their businesses by allowing you to:

  • Greet customers by name and look up special service notes about each customer, such as “likes extra cleaning of backseat.”
  • Reward your best customers with VIP loyalty club promotions.
  • Offer frequency discounts and rainwash guarantees.
  • Lock in loyalty with monthly passes.
  • Clear credit cards in less than 3 seconds.
  • Print wash tickets and receipts without leaving the customer’s vehicle.
  • Send special offers and “we miss you messages” by mail or email.
  • Print messages tailored to individual customers on their receipts.

It was a great trip all around, but we’re happy to be home. Be on the lookout for new and improved products and services coming in the near future. If you haven’t joined, become part of the #CheetahCleanTeam today!


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