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Fighting the Bug & Bird Empire

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As I’m sure you’re aware, bugs and birds play a very important part in keeping our ecosystem balanced. At the same time, however, they can wreck havoc on your vehicle. Whether it’s bird poo or meeting a giant dragonfly head on, the resulting consequences to your motorized transportation can be costly.

via topshineautodetailing.com

via topshineautodetailing.com

With us approaching the peak of bug season, the weather pattern looks to continue a hot & muggy pattern over the upcoming weeks. Meteorologist Landon Hampton thinks this summer will be another hot one. “With the given limitations of long-range forecasting, we simply can’t nail down daily weather conditions months in advance. However, we can grasp a rough idea, climatologically, that this summer will conitnue to be hot & humid…perfect for those pesky bugs and insects to be out and about multiplying.”

Angieslist.com recently published a great piece highlighting the threats that birds and bugs pose to your vehicle. The following was taken from the article:

Along with other substances, like tree sap and dirt, bird poop and insect innards can harm the clear coat that protects your car’s paint, so it’s important to wash them off as soon as possible.

Bugs, especially, contain chemicals that can eat through a clear coat in two days, highly rated auto detailers tell our team. They say bird excrement also creates damage when the car’s finish material cools and contracts, molding to the shape of the hardened dropping.

While you can’t keep birds from doing their thing (though you might want to avoid parking beneath trees and power lines) or bugs from colliding with your car, you can keep your vehicle clean. Plan to have it regularly washed once or twice a week. [See the rest of the article HERE)

Here at Cheetah Clean, we recommend taking the cleanliness of your car as serious as your pearl whites. You frequently (we hope) brush your teeth, and we agree with this article, which states two to three times a week minimal is a good idea.


Don’t forget, here at Cheetah Clean we offer fantastic monthly UNLIMITED plans that will allow you to wash your vehicle as MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT! If you’re on an unlimited plan, we also provide extreme treatments that focus solely on the removal of bird droppings and bugs. Have questions about how this works? Feel free to stop by and see us at our location on 31-W Bypass. What are you waiting for? Join the #CheetahCleanTeam today!

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