17 Jan

Importance of Transparency

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If you keep up with the happenings in and around Cheetah Clean, you know we’re a big fan of The Great Game of Business. We enjoy bringing unique tidbits we are implementing into our own process to you, as we feel it can applied to just about any situation. Being transparent lets not only our employees, but our customers in on the newest and latest services we plan on rolling out in the near future. Not only does that build trust, but it shows that we truly care about their input on how our business moves forward.

The Great Game of Business has a fantastic post, offering 5 illuminating lessons on transparency. Here are the first two they hit on:

Lesson #1: Open-book ain’t easy. Okay, so there’s no hidden message here, but it’s a good message nonetheless. The overall concept of being transparent seems to be a no-brainier; especially as the need for transparency in every facet of life increases with the access to information and evolving technology. But actually doing it; sharing financial and operational business information with your employees…that takes planning, commitment and consistency.

(In explaining problems faced by, Adjacency, a San Francisco-based company after they started discussing financials weekly with their 25 employees)

“Employees got frightened. They didn’t like hearing about Adjacency’s close calls with missing payroll. Sather admitted that the reports sometimes “scared” the employees.”

Lesson #2: Humility is necessary. Being transparent requires you to share the good and the bad with employees. This type of openness requires a certain level of humility; it’s tough to tell your employees that a mistake was made or that the company is experiencing a problem. Our hat’s off to the leaders at Adjacency for having the courage to be honest about the company’s “close calls.” Sharing the negative news is a difficult and humbling experience, but it’s a necessary component of earning the trust of employees.

Be sure to check out the other points that are made in the online article they provide. This is just one example of what we are doing to provide personal growth and experience to our employees and customers! Not a member of the #CheetahClean team? Stop by our location on 31-W and see what we have to offer today!

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