18 Aug

Make Car Washes Great Again

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Cheetah Clean Car Wash prides itself on providing unbeatable customer service, quality and efficiency. We’ve strived to raise the level of competition since our arrival, and plan to continue to do so.

We’re launching a campaign to go along with the Best of Bowling Green competition currently taking place. Nominations are open and you can do so here. Our slogan is “Make Car Washes Great Again!


No wash in town offered Simoniz Hot Wax w the bubblizers and LED light show until we opened, not to mention the myriad of speciality wash services and or items including our popular lava shield. The continued implementation of the latest technology has kept us on top of the game, from new computer software to our FREE additional services like our Rhino Mat Cleaner, extreme treatment options, free towel usage, air blowers, and more.imggg

Be sure to take advantage of our new, all-in-one mat wash & dry system…Rhino-Mat! #CheetahCleanTeam

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Since our grand opening, we’ve invested close to $500,000 in improvements in our wash property to make it the best in town, nearly doubling our resources and building space!


Once again, nominations are open for the Best of Bowling Green competition, with the voting soon to follow. We’d greatly appreciate your vote!

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Join us as we continue to raise the competition for the other car washes in town! Stop by and become a member of the #CheetahCleanTeam today!

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