21 Apr

Pricing & Service Alterations

  • By: Jeff Fields
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Cheetah Clean Auto Wash has added a wide variety of improvements and services to our car wash facility, which has allowed us to bring on new members to the #CheetahClean both internally and externally. As we always strive to do with our customers, we want to be completely transparent on the upcoming pricing and service alterations that will be taking place.


We have added additional boom vacuum spaces, along with more more wash equipment (including van high side washers), which will be able to clean in every single crack/crevice much more effectively than our previous setup. This is due to the fact that the rotation of a hub wash is completely different from that found in wrap-arounds.


You’ll see numerous additions, which will come complete with new, advanced equipment within the next 30-45 days. The second phase of our premier expansion will be completed in the near future, and we couldn’t be more excited! As our volume and growth continues to steadily increase, we believe the Bowling Green/Warren County community will greatly benefit from the continued implementation and refining of our services.

Keep in mind we have double or triple the staff of your average express wash. We hold our employees above local and national car wash standards. We want to offer health care and quality of life to our associates as well. Please stay with us as we continue to expand and get better. 

Below you will find the new prices for our unlimited plan and single-cycle washes:

 Single Wash 

 Gazelle:  $8     

Impala:  $14

King:  $16

King Extreme:  $20

Unlimited Plans

Gazelle:  $15.99

Impala:  $26.95

King Extreme:  $36.95

Family Plans

Gazelle: $10.95

Impala: $16.95

King Extreme:  $26.95

The best is yet to come! Stop by and see us at 941 US-31W Bypass next to GADS! We look forward to seeing you!

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