28 Oct

Respecting Our Customers

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There are two things we take very seriously here at Cheetah Clean Auto Wash…those two things are accountability and responsibility. We have great respect for all of our fantastic customers, and work hard to keep transparency between those customers and our business. Accountability is a mandated obligation here. We take it upon ourselves to report, explain and justify any problem or inconvenience that takes place regarding our business.

Another very important principle that we base our business on is responsibility. We strive to be accountable for things that occur within our power and control. These two ideologies MUST be in place for a business to succeed in the correct manner. We take it upon ourselves to provide a great service, but at the same time, we understand and realize that issues can arise. When those issues do come about, as they do within anyone’s life, we take it head on to find a resolution and provide our customers with satisfaction.

Accountability and responsibility is summed up nicely in these words provided by the well respected Dave Ramsey:


Some businesses in our community, unfortunately, take it upon themselves to do the exact opposite, disregarding any hint of responsibility or accountability. Such an occurrence took place with one our associates recently, and we wanted to inform our members here in south central Kentucky so they don’t succumb to the same consequences with this slick, “currently unnamed” auto dealer. Be on the lookout for our follow up in the near future…

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