16 Mar

Right now, you can get any of our Unlimited Plans for 60% off the first month. Get a Month’s Worth of King Cheetah Unlimited Plan With Simoniz Hot Wax for just 60 cents a day. Our Entry Package for just a Quarter a Day!

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By Admin, Cheetah Clean Auto Wash
Monday, March 16th, 2014 7:30 AM CST

The Unlimited Plans from Cheetah Clean are not only making Bowling Green and South Central Kentucky look cool, they are also keeping the salt and crud off everyone’s ride. While road salt is imminent to safe winter driving, it is also extremely corrosive and over time it can cause extensive damage to vehicles. That’s why we’ve created the Unlimited Plans. An affordable way to keep you clean every month, every week and for some every day. Right now, you can get any of our Unlimited Plans for half off the first month.

  • King Cheetah Unlimited- $13.98 the first month.
  • Impala Unlimited- $9.98 the first month
  • Antelope Unlimited- $7.98 the first month
  • Gazelle Unlimited- $5.98 the first month

We also have plans for the whole family!

With the Cheetah Clean family plan not only will you look better but the whole family will look better. It’s very simple, if you currently have the Gazelle or Antelope with tire shine plan the second Gazelle or Antelope plan at $5 off. If you have the Impala or King get the second Impala or King at $10 off.

Easy example of two vehicles:

  • 2 Gazelle monthly wash plans-$25
  • 2 Antelope monthly wash plans- $35
  • 2 Impala monthly wash plans- $40
  • 2 King Cheetah monthly wash plans- $60
A Credit or Debit card is needed to set up all plans including family plans. We are located at 941 US 31W Bypass! Down from Great American Donuts and next door to Lee Myles Transmissions & AutoCare.

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