10 May

Speaker Installation A Success!

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What’s the one thing most people crave when taking full advantage of our FREE towels, vacuums, cleaning adhesives and polishes?  MUSIC, of course!  We listened to our customers and have since taken action.  We recently installed a new PA system at our Veteran’s Memorial location, allowing for the airwaves to come through loud and clear.

This wouldn’t have been possible without our great friends at McGown TV.  Not only did they come and install our new PA for us, they did it in the pouring rain with no complaining!  Talk about complementary service…their installation tech was a true veteran!

We’re looking forward to rolling out more additions that will capitalize on benefits for our customers.  Don’t forget, if you’re an UNLIMITED member, you can use EITHER location for your services.  If you catch yourself on that side of town, swing by and check out our new PA for yourself!  #CHEETAHNation continues to grow, and we look forward to growing personally and as a team to meet those needs!

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