18 Oct

The COLD Can Damage Your Ride

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With the crisp feeling of fall in the air, it’s a reminder that winter is not far away. Here at Cheetah Clean, we’re always wanting to keep our #CheetahCleanTeam members in the know about the hazards posed upon their vehicles during all seasons.

via theguardian.com

via theguardian.com

We not only worry about the outside of your car, but the inside as well!  Old man winter can damage your ride in a number of ways….

  1. With thick frost already appearing this fall, your washer solvent and wipers could miserably fail.  With subfreezing temperatures in place, your solvent will freeze upon contact, making it more difficult on, and perhaps damaging, your wipers.
  2. Cold air also impacts tire pressure.  According to Mark Cox, school director of Bridgestone Winter Driving School: Most tires lose 1 pound per square inch (psi) for every 10 F of temperature drop. So, checking inflation as the air gets colder is critical. For example, a fully inflated tire at 70 F is five psi under-inflated at 20 F. Under-inflated tires do not perform well and are subject to damage or failure especially in snow and icy conditions.
  3. With frost and sap both threatening your ride in the great outdoors, the combination of the two can mean bad news for your vehicle’s paint.  Frozen sap is much tougher to get rid of, and the thawing/refreezing process over time can cause serious issues with the clear coat and paint layering your choice of transportation.

Pay close attention to your vehicles throughout the rest of fall and upcoming winter seasons.  Try your best to cover up your ride if you’re able to. Protect your car form the elements so you don’t end up like this:

via evoxforums.com

via evoxforums.com

Until next time, #CheetahCleanTeam!

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