21 Dec

The Great Game of Business

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It’s no secret that we strive to provide the very best possible service to our customers on a daily basis. In order to do that, we must first stay on top of our game personally. Last week, we had the privilege of welcoming Donna from the Great Game of Business. Donna guided us through a number of lessons and activities on the importance of personal and business development. In order to improve our services on a consistent basis, we understand that we must first invest and develop our tremendous employees in the process.

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The following is taken from the Great Game of Business Workshop: The Great Game of Business is a way of running you company that gets everyone – at all levels of the business – as informed, involved and engaged as the owner is in making the company successful. It’s about full engaging employees in the business by teaching them how the business works and what is critical to success. This includes understanding how profitability is driven, how assets are used, how cash in generated, but most importantly how their day to day actions and decisions can make or break a business.

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When you harness the collective wisdom of your people, great things can and do happen!

You can think of the Great Game of Business as just plain common sense. It wasn’t theorized in a way business school or dreamed up at some consulting think tank. It was created by everyday business people. Through a handful of breakthrough companies and years of innovative practitioners a whole new way of thinking about business was born. These pioneers of Open-Book Management didn’t always share the same language or use the same techniques, but tehy did operate according to some remarkably similar principals.

An open-book management approach has sprouted from a curiousity into an ever-expanding, profitable business process. Any organization whose performance can be measured with financial statements can play the game. As for us here at Cheetah Clean, we’re more than happy to be taking our game to the next level.

We not only like to keep our employees in the know, but our customers as well! Become a part of the #CheetahCleanTeam today!

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