12 Jan

Weather Effects on Car Washes

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via blog.nwauto.com

via blog.nwauto.com

Along with a slew of other occupations and businesses, we greatly depend on the weather to determine how we’ll staff for the day at hand. The weather not only effects our lives on a daily basis, but our businesses as well! We ran across the following from a fantastic piece from Tommy Car Wash Systems. It really puts things into perspective as to how car washes cope with the weather at hand:

According to WashTrends 32 percent of the industry’s annual earnings occur during the cold weather months while spring and summer seasons each account for 25 percent of yearly revenue. Autumn is even worse with only 18 percent of total revenue as fewer customers have warm-weather activities planned to keep their cars clean for and road salt isn’t yet put down. These disparities are, of course, even greater in areas with severe winters and less severe in areas with more temperate seasons.

via herrintireandmuffler.com

via herrintireandmuffler.com

While our busiest months are when it’s warm outside, we would like to encourage everyone to maintain their vehicle’s cleanliness through the colder times as well. Salt is one of the biggest headaches when dealing with a clean car during the winter months. If it is not washed away frequently, it can cause damage to not only your paint, but your undercarriage as well.


Frequent washing not only keeps the quality of your car in check, it also serves as a safety net for resale value should you decide it’s time for a new set of wheels. The next time you’re running errands, swing by 31-W for a wash that’s sure to leave you satisfied. Join the #CheetahCleanTeam today!

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