24 Jan

We’re Hiring!

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Are you looking for a job that will provide you with the skills and experience that will help move you forward in life? Not only from a career perspective, but a springboard to help raise the lid on your potential? Consider joining the team here at Cheetah Clean Auto Wash, where we don’t only provide that springboard, but a support team to keep you afloat through thick and thin.

Not only will you get fair pay, your work ethic and attitude will be transformed with our training of personal growth and development. We’re offering up Grant Cardone University virtual training to anyone who is interested.


Everything in life involves selling yourself or your ideas. To become great, you have to learn from the great, and here is your opportunity. We are currently hiring the following postiions at Cheetah Clean Auto Wash:

Wash Techs (starting @ $12/hr)

Manager Trainees (starting @ $15/hr)

General Managers (starting @ $18/hr)

If you are a high powered leader with a strong work ethic, becoming a front style manager could easily earn you $1000 per week! If you’re interested, please apply at cheetahclean.com.


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