24 Sep

Zap the Sap!

  • By: Jeff Fields
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One of the most frustrating things for any car owner is protecting your car from tree sap. Even if your car is garage kept, running errands, making trips, etc. exposes your ride to this threat. Sap won’t necessarily immediately damage a car’s paint, however, it should never be ignored. After the passing of time, the sap can etch through the paint’s clear coat with ease, leading to staining, discoloring, and at times chipping of car paint.

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“The concentration of sap generally varies, so it’s difficult to say what the short-term effects would be, but it will certainly cause paint damage if left untreated for a period of time,” says Leonard Raykinsteen, a paint material engineer at Nissan. “If sap is detected on a vehicle’s paint finish, it should be removed in a timely manner.”

Here at Cheetah Clean, we’re focused on protecting your vehicle from this concern.

With trees now letting loose of their leaves, sap and other crud will be much more abundant. Our wash is equipped with a PECO top washer that cleans with Simoniz hot wax and shine, further protecting from tree sap damage.

We’re the only wash in town that offers this service!  Come let us shine your ride today!

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