5 Jan

Car Washing In Cold Temperatures Should Be Left To The Professionals. Come See Us and Make Sure The Salt Doesn’t Damage Your Vehicle!

By Jeff Fields, Cheetah Clean Auto Wash
Monday, January 5th, 2014 1:30 PM CST

It’s going to get cold this week and we WILL be open. I, Jeff Fields, guarantee it. We enjoy providing top shelf service to our clients. Being Bowling Green’s solution oriented automotive service business  it’s natural for us to enjoy the challenging conditions as they present themselves. That includes opening at below freezing temperatures.

We have washed many vehicles all the way own to 12 degrees, depending on wind conditions. There has been salt applied to the bridges and easy to freeze areas on the city/county roadways so that means that we will do anything possible to be at your service and prevent corrosion on your vehicle. We have found that with most newer vehicle’s having keyless entry locks that the old “it’s below freezing excuse” is not holding water anymore for managers in the car wash industry. The locks themselves used to freeze where the key was inserted into the door but now with keyless entry that problem doesn’t present itself cause the lock linkage actually never comes in contact with water as it is inside the door.”

We also have a low pressure spray bar that rinses the undercarriage that is available in our wash. Also one thing that we do for our King Cheetah Package (includes Lava Shield/Hot Wax) that others just don’t do is high pressure the wheel well areas. This will prevent damage occurring to certain parts of the car that can create a slew of problems. These problems range from hydraulic brake system leaks to subframe damage. If you want to be very cautious after the wash in below freezing conditions you may wipe your door jamb out after the wash.

While others make excuses for not working in extreme conditions we are finding ways to outperform and serve our customers no matter what. We are relentless in the pursuit of perfection so that we should never fall short of providing excellent service.

Weekly washing is the best way to prevent damage to vehicles. Every season and elements can cause particular issues that need to be addressed. The most present problems that can cause damage to vehicles are salt, bird dropping, and acid rain. We think of washing the car is similar to caring for your teeth. Get on a regular washing program and wash weekly if not bi weekly to prevent damage from occurring. Just a great way to protect your investment. I have many people come to me in the detailing side of things and they ask how to correct paint or structural damage, ie acid rain that hasn’t been washed off and the heat has baked it on the car. Which removal can run over $500. Bird droppings and bugs can etch your paint in less than a day in the extreme heat of summer. At that point it’s usually too late for corrosive issues, bird dropping, and damage from bugs being left on the paint for longer than a few days. The problem is that a factory paint is hard to beat and a good new paint job can cost in the thousands of dollars. Wash weekly wash wisely. Your car and wallet will thank you for it!

Your safest bet and most cost effective way to keep clean is with our unlimited package!

With the Cheetah Clean family plan not only will you look better but the whole family will look better. It’s very simple, if you currently have the Gazelle or Antelope with tire shine plan the second Gazelle or Antelope plan at $5 off. If you have the Impala or King get the second Impala or King at $10 off.

Easy example of two vehicles:

  • 2 Gazelle monthly wash plans-$25
  • 2 Antelope monthly wash plans- $35
  • 2 Impala monthly wash plans- $40
  • 2 King Cheetah monthly wash plans- $60
A Credit or Debit card is needed to set up all plans including family plans. We are located at 941 US 31W Bypass! Down from Great American Donuts and next door to Lee Myles Transmissions & AutoCare.

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