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Executive Summary

Cheetah Clean Auto Wash will be adding a fourth location to its portfolio and the third in Bowling Green, KY located on located at 340 Three Springs Road, between I65 and Scottsville Rd. We believe this is a prime location to round out our offerings in the Bowling Green market and a win for our Unlimited Members in southern Bowling Green and Warren County that have not yet had a convenient location.

This extension into southern Bowling Green has potential to add a minimum of 2,000 Unlimited Members to our current 5,000+ current members. Based on a traffic count of 41,000 cars per day traveling by the site and a conservative capture rate based on industry standard, we will average washing 5,600 cars per month in the first year and have serviced 68,000 cars, achieving $731,836 in net sales. The industry standard capture rate is .8%, Cheetah Clean exceeds that with details available as we continue conversations.

As an Express Exterior Wash, we are focused on speed, convenience, value and quality. Expediency and efficiency will allow for high daily volumes while our competitive pricing and unique processes will insure repeat business and brand loyalty.

Cheetah Clean Auto Wash provides above and beyond service and consistently achieves excellence as the fastest car wash on land. The continued success of our business model will enable us to re-invest in our employees and the communities we serve. Through the delivery of a clean and shiny car, we help our customers feel incredible and give our employees a platform to continue to grow and develop.

This success has been achieved through our unique menu, proprietary sales and prep processes and intellectual property that allow us to achieve above industry results time over time.

While the car wash industry is an attractive business venture based on the profit margins that can be achieved (average wash industry profit margins), this can be a difficult industry to enter and to maintain success in. The biggest challenges include high start-up costs, low brand penetration or little brand recognition, difficulty in attracting and retaining employees, and high levels of customer incident filings.

We have a proven track record of success in addressing the barriers to entry and the threats that challenge others in the car wash industry.

• Controlled start-up cost through equipment mix expertise and established procurement process

• Brand recognition in Bowling Green with tried and true customer and member attainment strategies

• Uniquely developed talent strategy that includes, active recruitment, bench strength, and management training as well as above industry compensation and benefits offerings

• Well-honed incidents and claims process focused on both customer satisfaction and reduced liability

For additional information, please review our case studies of current holdings and franchising options.


Company Description


Business Name

Cheetah Clean Auto Wash – Three Springs Road


Mission Statement

Cheetah Clean Auto Wash provides above and beyond service and consistently achieves excellence as the fastest car wash on land. Through the delivery of a clean and shiny car, we help our customers feel incredible and give our employees a platform to continue to grow and develop.


Core Values




Continuous improvement

Above and beyond service through Employee Empowerment


Company Vision

Cheetah Clean Auto Wash will be a dominant force in this industry, starting our growth with a corporate strategy throughout Kentucky and Tennessee and then expanding our reach from 5 to 50 through initial corporate growth and then franchising our stores to our operators. Through investment partners we will build a coalition of Cheetah Clean’s that will outperform the current national brands.


Goals & Milestones

 With the Three Springs Road location, we will:

1. Become the leading car wash provider in Bowling Green, KY

2. Service an average of 6,000 cars per month in the first year

3. Add 2,000 members to our Unlimited Membership Club in the first year



This location is within the largest retail sector in Bowling Green, KY. It is adjacent to the convention center, visitor’s bureau and near big-box retailers, restaurants and grocery locations. This in combination with the site’s visibility from exit 22 off highway I-65 should provide a favorable mix of Unlimited Wash Club members and frequent single wash customers.



The parent company of Cheetah Clean Auto Wash is J Warner Ventures, Inc. The Three Springs location will be operating as a corporate store under the same operational structure and leadership as our current locations.


Intellectual Property

Patented Beast Brush

Software in Development

Trademarked Brand Name

Proprietary Wash and Service Processes

Industry Abstract

1. Car wash industry trends

• There are approximately 29,500 tunnel washes in the United States and 90% of these washes are owned as a small business, leaving only 10% owned by a national, corporate brand. This means that in the automated tunnel wash space (ability to wash 50-100 cars/hr) only 3,000 washes and a handful of corporate owners have positioned themselves as competition in terms of growth and brand strategy.

• Industry experts not only believe there is room for consolidation, but that the national market is short of car wash locations by 20,000 new sites.

• In the last 15 years, there has been a 69% increase in car owners using a car wash facility rather than wash themselves and there are an estimated 8 million vehicles washed at car washes daily.

• Financial institutions and investors have taken note of the upside of this business, particularly the high-profit margins and that it is e-commerce resistant.

• The development of a subscription model through monthly membership has greatly reduced the wild swings of revenue that once impacted the industry and those that can master membership sales, engagement and retention will come out on top in terms of profitability and longevity.

• Consumer trends: Increasingly, car wash customers are as focused on quality and value as they are the speed of service. There is a trend toward convenience and speed through RFID readers, the membership perk of a “fast pass” in which staff interaction is minimized and entrance and wash selection is automated. Free vacuums and detail tools at the end of the tunnel allow customers to complete interior cleaning as needed without impeding the opportunity to go in and out quickly if desired.


2. Barriers to entry

• High startup costs

• Brand recognition in a dispersed market industry

• Employee acquisition and retention

• Specialized technology, chemical, and equipment maintenance expertise

Marketing Plan

1. Service features and benefits

An Express Exterior Wash model is focused on speed, convenience, value, and quality. Expediency and efficiency will allow for high daily volumes while our competitive pricing and unique processes will insure repeat business and brand loyalty.

• Proprietary sales, service and staffing models

• Unlimited Wash Club membership with fast pass RFID’s

• Cheetah Clean’s Extreme Treatment menu is unique to our brand and allows our customer the ability to design their wash

• Patented prep process and tools to deliver a clean, shiny car every time.

• Increased throughput through dual POS stations and a Belt Conveyor System


After Sale services:

• Lot attendant service check-ins

• Clean wheel guarantee

• Clean car guarantee

• All-inclusive post wash tools and amenities

• Member “refer a friend” bonus prizes

• Free vacuums

• Roadside assistance

• Incident insurance for Members


2. Target customer

Our key target market is a mixed financial demographic from low to high income. It is ideal to have a mix of membership or loyal destination customers and impulse or convenience visitors we can continue to work to convert to our membership program.

Additional Fleet/Group Sales Targets:

• Car Dealerships

• First Responders

• Large company benefit partnerships

• Family Plan discounts

• Teachers

• University Students


3. How we will market our service

The Cheetah Clean brand aesthetic is clean and sleek. The use of primary colors and clear and direct language showcase an alignment with our dedication to quality, speed, and transparency. The style of our marketing outreach, advertising and customer engagement is concise, impactful and current with a dose of humor and lightheartedness. The appearance of our facilities and team will be inviting and convey a sense of comfort. A clean and inviting lot and tunnel, with tucked in, friendly and welcoming staff will project a consistent image across all locations that will set us apart. Our in-house marketing team will develop a strategic opening promotion plan as well as ongoing and customized digital outreach and customer engagement programs.


Opening Promotions:

• Soft Opening

• Grand Opening

• Advertising on radio, social media, and direct mailings


Marketing Platforms and Programs:


• Strategic social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snap Chat and partner blogs

• Email and text marketing campaigns to Unlimited and text club members

• E-commerce and collateral such as gift cards, apparel, and accessories promoting our brand

• Brochures and print materials

• Member referral promotions and campaigns • Philanthropy and community fundraising partnerships


4. Pricing

Our pricing strategy is based on the perceived value we have established through our brand and reflects our position as the market leader in quality and customer service. Our base price single wash is higher than a typical base wash offered by our competitors. We believe this is necessary to achieve the quality of wash our customers expect from us.

A key factor in successful membership or Unlimited pricing is through multiplication valuation, and our price reflects 2 times wash price. This is more aggressive than the industry’s typical 2.5 multiplication.


Service Pricing

Single Wash Menu: Gazelle – $10, Impala – $15, King Extreme – $20 Add-ons or upgrades are available as customers design their wash

Monthly Unlimited Membership: Gazelle – $19.99, Impala – $29.99 King Extreme $39.99 A la carte upgrades are available for Gazelle and Impala plans


5. Location

Cheetah Clean Auto Wash – Three Springs Road will be located at 340 Three Springs Road, between I65 and Scottsville Rd., directly across from Luxury Auto Imports dealership and near many big-box retailers, restaurants, and grocery stores. In addition to a daily traffic count of 41,000 cars, there is a stoplight within a quarter mile that will slow traffic, providing increased business awareness.


Jeff W. Fields, CEO and Founder

Jeff was born and raised in Bowling Green Kentucky, attended Western Kentucky University and College of Charleston studying Business Management. Jeff’s Father, Geoff Fields has built over 100 car washes nationally.

With 20+ years of personal experience in the car wash industry and a family legacy in wash development, equipment fabrication and operations, Jeff Fields is a wash industry expert. From the ground up development, to wash turnaround, marketing and franchising his brand, he is obsessed with quality, innovation, and speed of service and passionate about sharing what he has learned to help others find success.


Trevor Newsome, Director, Field Operations

While new to his career, Trevor has quickly climbed the ranks at Cheetah Clean learning the business inside and out. From wash operations best practices to sales and customer programs and employee development, he has shown an incredible aptitude to succeed while continuing to learn and pass on his knowledge to his team members. He has direct oversight of wash operations, training programs, sales and marketing initiatives, and HR and staffing.



Brad Osoba, Capital and Equity Development Consultant

Core Competencies:

• Business Development, Marketing and Sales strategies

• Development of Strategic Partnerships

• Investor and Capital network outreach

Brad is a business development consultant who has executed capital growth and marketing strategies within the customer service and hospitality industries. Specializing in developing franchise models, brand development, and sales, he has created over a million dollars in combined revenue for the firms he has worked with.

Investment and Financing Partners

We are actively seeking investment, concept management and financing partners for our Three Springs Road property and are focused on the following partnership models:


Investment partners in the real estate and asset holdings of Three Springs Road.

These are private investors who are interested in a direct relationship with the company and individuals they will hold real estate equity with. With their capital investment, they can play a key role in growing the business as well as nurturing a talented managing partner in becoming a business owner while earning an excellent return on investment. There is flexibility in how equity is structured and opportunity to set a buy-out goal of 7-10 years depending on the investors’ timeline of return.


A Cheetah Clean Franchise Player.

This is a current wash operator that has ambition to be an owner. This would involve an initial investment and then earning increased equity over time through successfully operating the Three Springs Road location. A qualified Franchise Player will have previous success as a hands-on wash operator, have 150K as an initial investment and be willing to spend 90 days learning the ins and outs of Cheetah Clean’s proprietary processes.

Traditional Financing

Banking and lending institutions who understand the unique opportunity in the car wash industry and want to align their funding with a tried and true brand that has a track record of profitability.


Crowdfunding Participation.

We will be offering opportunity for grassroots investment soon. Offerings will include funding participation in the operations company, training and consulting support companies, as well as investment in the success of the Franchise Player.

For more information or details about how you can get involved in Cheetah Clean’s growth, contact: or visit our website at


For more direct discussions about an investment opportunity, contact:

Brad Osoba, Capital and Equity Development Advisor at

Trevor Newsome, Director, Field Operations at

Jeff Fields, CEO and Founder at


For additional information, please review our case studies of current holdings and franchising options.

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