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Executive Summary

As an Express Exterior Auto Wash company, we are focused on speed, convenience, value, and quality.  Expediency and efficiency will allow for high daily volumes while our competitive pricing and unique processes will insure repeat business and brand loyalty.  We seek to dominate any market that we enter or operate in. By studying traffic patterns and retail sectors we will strategically place our sites to reach the entire market profile.  We will cut off competition and exploit their weaknesses and then build a spoke and hub distribution paradigm to ensure the overall success of our operation.


Cheetah Clean Auto Wash will achieve these goals by providing a standard of excellence in service and consistency.   We will deliver an outstanding customer service experience. Consumers are looking for a place to feel valued and welcome.  Cheetah Clean strives to do all that and provide a TRULY clean and shiny car in less than 3 minutes.

The success will be achieved through a track record of using our unique menu, intellectual property, proprietary sales and prep processes that allow us to achieve above industry results time over time.  


While the car wash industry is an attractive business venture based on the profit margins that can be achieved (average wash industry profit margins).


We have a proven track record of success of already dominating our markets.


We are actively seeking investment partners as we expand our corporate growth from 5 to 50 stores.

Real Estate and Profit Partners – Private investors who want to hold real estate assets and share in the profits from the store operation.

Crowdfunding participation – We will be offering opportunity for grass roots investment soon.  Offerings will include funding participation in the operations company, training and consulting support companies as well as investment in the success of the Franchise Player.

Our overall growth strategy is to initially expand corporately then use our industry innovating franchising model as a powerful management tool.

For additional information, please review our case studies of current holdings and franchising options.


Business Name

Cheetah Clean – Concept Management Company


Mission Statement

Cheetah Clean Auto Wash provides above and beyond service and consistently achieves excellence as the fastest car wash on land.  Through the delivery of a clean and shiny car, we help our customers feel incredible and give our employees a platform to continue to grow and develop.


Core Values




Continuous improvement

Above and beyond service through Employee Empowerment


Company Vision

Cheetah Clean Auto Wash will be a dominant force in this industry, starting our growth with a corporate strategy throughout Kentucky and Tennessee and then expanding our reach from 5 to 50 through initial corporate growth and then franchising our stores to our operators. Through investment partners we will build a coalition of Cheetah Clean’s that will outperform the current national brands.


Goals & Milestones

  1. Grow from 5 to 50
  2. Lead the industry in Unlimited Membership subscription attainment and retention
  3. Brand penetration in the Southern and Midwest markets with a reputation of providing the cleanest car to every customer, every time
  4. To utilize franchising as an employee empowerment and management tool that will outperform corporate stores



We are targeting initial growth in the Midsouth market, namely Kentucky and Tennessee.


Intellectual Property

Patented Beast Brush

Software in Development to support unique statistical analysis

Trademarked brand name

Proprietary wash and service processes


Car Wash Industry Trends


Jeff W. Fields, CEO and Founder

Jeff was born and raised in Bowling Green Kentucky, attended Western Kentucky University and College of Charleston studying Business Management.

With 20+ years personal experience in the car wash industry and a family legacy in wash development, equipment fabrication and operations, Jeff Fields is a wash industry expert.  From ground up development, to wash turn-around, marketing and franchising his brand, he is obsessed with quality, innovation and speed of service and passionate about sharing what he has learned to help others find success.

For more information or details about how you can get involved in Cheetah Clean’s growth, contact:

Jeff Fields –


For additional information, please review our case studies of current holdings and franchising options.




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