Jeff Fields

CEO, President & Founder

Jeff is a pioneering entrepreneur known for his transformative innovations in the car wash industry and unwavering commitment to sustainable development.

Email: jeff@cheetahclean.com

Kelly Hayes

District Manager & HR Specialist

Kelly skillfully oversees operations and ensures a harmonious work environment through her expertise in human resource management.

Email: kelly.hayes@cheetahclean.com

Kaylee Fields

Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Kaylee brings her passion for innovation & customer service, driving excellence and growth in her role.

Email: kaylee@cheetahclean.com

Mackenzie Strode


Mackenzie expertly manages financial operations and provides valuable insight for informed decision-making, driving financial success for the company.

Email: mackenzie@cheetahclean.com

Hannah Darden

Office Manager

Hannah organizes administrative tasks and fosters a productive work environment, enabling smooth operations and effective communication at Cheetah Clean.

Email: hannah@cheetahclean.com

Adiel Valle

District Manager

Jordan Walters

Manager of Properties & Store Development

Jordan efficiently maintains and enhances the physical infrastructure, ensuring a safe & well-functioning environment for both staff and customers.

Email: jordan@cheetahclean.com

Qendrim Mirena

Training Coordinator

Q is a seasoned professional with a passion for nurturing talent and enhancing associate skills. Q ensures our team is always at the forefront of the industry, delivering top-notch service to our valued customers.

Email: q@cheetahclean.com

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