31 May

Routers – How to Choose the Best Gaming Router For Your Home Network

Everyone who’s into serious gaming is looking for the best gaming router they can buy, but few actually know what to look for in order to make the ideal choice.

It’s an easy trap to fall into because manufacturers continue to introduce new and improved models, they use inflated claims on their packaging to attract customers, and biased websites tout the various units because they stand to make a profit from them, not because they are actually the best.

Therefore, in order to make an educated choice, consumers need resources they can count on to give them the right information which will include what to look for when searching for the best gaming router.

A Must-Have For Gaming Routers

For gaming what you need is either a high-speed wired or wireless router, because gaming is a high-intensive bandwidth application.   Just going out and buying the fastest wireless router you can find isn’t the right approach to the problem, though.

Your modem and ISP determine how fast your equipment can run, so it doesn’t make sound economical sense to buy a router that has a faster speed than your equipment can handle. The new trend Best Gaming Router is to use wireless-n connections as the g routers are fast becoming obsolete.

However, if you pair an n router with g-compatible equipment, you may just end up slowing everything down.

Here’s What Else You Should Look ForIf you want to find the best wireless router, you need to find one that will support the high quality of services technology that will let your system give the game and video traffic higher priority than it does other applications, such as downloading files or browsing the web. This high-quality service is known as QoS, and the router you pick should support it in the demand for high-speed gaming.

Simultaneous or selectable dual band frequency is another must for high-speed gaming. This type of wireless router allows for both the use of 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHz in order to offer you clear, smooth performance while giving you the ability to surf the Internet.

Linksys E-3000 Wireless Router is an example of a device that will offer you simultaneous dual band frequency.

A lot will depend on the way you are using the router. Are you able to stand by one gaming area and visually see the other? How far are the two ports from each other? Are there walls and floors in between them?

A Belkin Max Play Wireless Router will give you the technology for three-dimensional, whole-home coverage, even through walls and floors. It is powered by simultaneous dual-band wireless-n which will give you the utmost in high-speed play as well as high performance.

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