20 Sep

Damage Claim

At Cheetah Clean Auto Wash our mission is to assure the safety of our wash to all of our customers. When a damage claim occurs, we value the opportunity to prove to our customers that our washing process is safe for their vehicles.

On July 7th, 2017 Brandon Thomas washed at Cheetah Clean Auto Wash. When he went through the wash, his brake light of his 2001 BMW was removed in the wash. When the customer notified our staff a full Cheetah Clean damage process was implemented.  


Cheetah Clean Auto Wash handles their claims very thoroughly. A damage claim form was filled out via the customer stating their claim. Mr. Thomas noted that “his rear cover on his brake light was broken off and the wraps were beating down really hard.” The wash attendant took multiple pictures of the alleged damage. The manager on duty noted that an adhesive/glue like substances outlined the brake light area notifying that the light had been previously glued on.


The claim was brought before our damage claim committee made up of members in the industry with extensive knowledge of the mechanics within the car wash. The committee reached out to the BMW dealership for input on the claim.

Above is a BMW representative who reviewed the case and verified that Cheetah Clean Auto Wash wash procedures are not responsible. He states that,

“the brake light looked like an additional amount of glue above and beyond the factory application. When we see that much dirt in the light housing that only suggest to us that the cover have been off prior or has been loose/not properly attached for some time”.

Our staff tried multiple times to reach out to Mr. Thomas. We have left messages and comments multiple times stating that we are more than willing to review our findings with him. We attempted to call Mr. Thomas on July 24th and left a message and again on July 25th. Without returning our phone calls, Mr. Thomas took to social media claiming that he had taken his car to BMW and they told him that “the glue was indeed factory and their body repair guy said scratches on his car looked fresh”. Our staff contacted the BMW dealership, and they could not recall ever inspecting Mr. Thomas vehicle.

Cheetah Clean responded to Mr. Thomas’s google review, once again stated that we were more than willing to review the alleged damage claim and our findings with him in person. We also asked if he could provide us with the statement from BMW that we would be more than willing to review it as well.


Again, we value our customers and take all damage claims seriously. Our damage claim process is very thorough and reviewed by many experts in the industry. We wanted the chance to explain this particular situation in person; however, this particular customer refuses to contact us, instead wants to make false claims on social media.  

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