13 Jan

Don’t Let The Weather Get You Down

We’ve experienced a prolonged period of active weather across south central Kentucky. Showers and thunderstorms, winter weather events including freezing rain, sleet and even a little bit of snow. All of the ingredients used to fight the elements applied to roadways are enemies of our vehicles, that’s why you should never let the weather get you down!

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That’s why we recommend our UNLIMITED plans. It doesn’t matter what the skies look like, you can take your way of transportation through either of our wash locations as many times as you’d like.

When the weather isn’t friendly, it’s easy to understand why one wouldn’t want to wash, but lets examine a few reasons on why you should…

  • The elements applied on roadways to either treat them, or to prepare for winter weather, eventually end up on your car. Regardless of what the weather decides to do, those hydrocarbons remain attached to the underside(s) of your vehicle. Meanwhile, the outside of your means of transportation not only becomes filthy from the precluding elements, but rainfall washes some of that off, resulting in increased hazards to the environment.
  • RUST. It’s a common thing for car companies to claim that’s not longer an issue, however, it is. The long-term impacts of not taking care of your motorized wheels will result in rust, which if left untreated long enough, will not allow the restoration to your car or truck.

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The following is a excerpt taken from http://autocar.co‘s Rusty cars: why they’re not a thing of the past…

Today, car makers claim they’ve got it under control with better pre-production treatments, more use of aluminium, plastics and composites, and smarter design but, even so, it appears it hasn’t quite been banished.

In 2013, of the 27,285,855 Class 4 vehicles (cars and light vehicles up to 3000kg) that had an MOT test, 5.11%, failed on corrosion related issues either of components, component mountings or the vehicle structure itself. With numbers like these, it’s no surprise people have a view about rust.

Our unlimited plans offer a wide variety of options, including free vacuum and interior cleaning supplies, along with extreme treatment options to focus particular parts of your vehicle that need it most. Stop by either location (31-W Bypass or Veteran’s Memorial) and ask about them today. It’s your opportunity to become part of the #CheetahCleanTeam today!

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