Month: November 2020

19 Nov

5 Advantages of an Automatic Car Wash

Hello, everyone! Today we’re going to discuss the advantages of an automatic car wash! It seems there has always been a bit of a stigma when the two are compared, hand-washing v. automatic washes. And when it comes to washing your car, doing so at home seems like it would be the same as coming […]

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12 Nov

5 Things to Look For in a Car Wash

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the fall weather, making regular visits at the best car wash in town, but preparing yourselves for the winter as we head into the holiday months. If you haven’t, I politely implore you to check out one of our most recent blogs posts that discusses the winterization of your […]

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05 Nov

Top 10 Ways to Winterize Your Car

As we begin to transition into the winter months, we take action to prepare for the wintry weather. We winterize. We switch out our summer wardrobes for more appropriate attire: sweaters, coats, jeans, hats, and gloves. And we take the necessary precautions to assure our homes will stay warm. But what about your car? Just […]

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