8 Mar

Remember The Underspray

  • By: Jeff Fields
  • Blog

Mid-February of this year was a hysteria unlike any other! We experienced a harsh snow and ice storm that left the whole community out of commission for a few days. Due to this inclement weather, transportation crews were de-icing with certain agents that can be extremely corrosive to your vehicle!

With crews laying down salt to clear the roads, a lot of people are unaware that salt attaches to the vehicle and if left untreated, it will corrode the paint away and lead to rust. It may not be apparent right away, but it will cause damage over a a period of time. Washing your car repeatedly is the best way to prevent any long-term damage!

Keep your car up to caliber, the Cheetah Caliber! Join now with our unlimited plans to ensure your car stays in pristine condition. Just like your own body, a car’s body is just as equally important and deserves only the best.

Take a look at this video and be sure to get an underspray when you visit your local Cheetah Clean Auto Wash!

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