28 Jan

Car Interior: Leather v. Cloth

Hello, Cheetah Fam! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods, wherever you are, and your life is full of nothing but progression and positivity. Today we’re going to discuss a topic that rests upon mixed review: Which is the better car interior, leather or cloth?


car interior


Now, when it comes to my personal take on this matter, there’s not much of a debate, really. To me, leather is simply the way to go. Let’s dig into some of the reasons on why that may be and go from there, shall we?

Car Interior: Cost


Like most material things in the world, cost is an all-too-important factor in the decision-making process. It should come as no surprise to hear that leather is the most expensive of the two, given that it is considered the more luxurious material. While the alternative is not uncommon, most luxury vehicles are equipped with a leather car interior.


car interior


By comparison, you can expect the difference of cost between leather and cloth to be in the thousands, generally speaking, and depending on the make/model of the vehicle.


Car Interior: Appearance


Is it also to anyone’s surprise that the look of the material makes the list, a big factor in the comparison between the two? For me, this is the selling point, honestly. Simply put, it just looks nicer. There’s something about the aesthetic of new leather in a vehicle that pleases the eye. Not to mention, that sweet, new-car smell that allures all.


car interior


Leather leaves an impression of sophistication and exudes elegance. Now, comparatively speaking, there are certain cloth packages that also look rather nice. But in terms of the match-up in question, leather will take the cake all day as the most visually-appealing car interior.


What about Maintenance?


Ah, and this is where things can get tricky. As such, I like to think of this category by comparison similarly to how you would discuss carpet flooring to that of tile, per se, or hardwood floors. When you’re talking about upkeep, much of the same language can be expressed.



With leather, if you want the material to keep its shine and durability, you should always use a proper cleaner & conditioner. I recommend this one. Otherwise, the material will crack over time.


Stains with Cloth: An Anecdote

Picture this: You’re driving down the road and thought it would be safe to take what should have been a harmless sip of coffee but completely forgot about that China-sized pothole on the corner of This and That street, so now you’re not only subjected to the face-scrunching pain of 100 degree bean juice on your crotch … you’ve also just left a pesky stain on your seat …. if you have a cloth car interior.



Sure, you can scrub and scrub, soap, lather, rinse, repeat, and put a little elbow grease into the stain that somehow now reminds you of your ex. You can try all of the cleaning products in the world (hopefully ones that won’t also leave stains, say, products that contain bleach), but you still can see the darned thing, forever imprinted into the literal fabric of your car seat, waiting for you every time you get into your vehicle, and annoying like a pimple before Prom Night.


Stains with Leather: No Anecdote

But alas, leather. Now, leather can do little to help the searing sensation of coffee (lava) on your pants, but it can save you the time, effort, and hassle of leaving a stain.



And that, my friends, is why leather will always prevail as the superior car interior for me. I’m not the clumsiest person I know, but if I had a dollar for every time I went through the aforementioned scenario, well, Bezos and I would have some things in common.

How Does That Make You Feel?


Ya know, it’s weird … I grew up working with my father at his home construction company and hearing a multitude of customers gawk over hardwood floors and ceramic tile, but for me … there’s something about the feel of carpet. It’s lush, comfortable, and easy on the feet. As I grow older, though, I’m understanding that sometimes the feel of things isn’t quite worth the price you pay for other, less dreamy characteristics.



Like I stressed before, carpet/cloth + tragic stains = absolute mayhem. But, for conversation’s sake — in terms of car interior — cloth can be seen as more comfortable. It is softer, for sure, and is more forgiving than leather can be, especially during long drives.


car interior


BUT .. have you ever sat in a car that upon ignition switch, the seats literally hug you. It’s almost unnerving during the first experience, but over time, it’s like your car is hugging you: “Hello, Owner. Let us go for a drive, hm?” Most commonly found in leather interiors, this function is as welcoming as the action itself.




And there you have it, folks. A comparison on leather vs. cloth car interiors. I tried to make it as unbiased as possible, but probably failed in that respect. #TeamLeather

In any case, I hope you learned a few things today, some tips that you’ll keep in mind the very next time you’re car-shopping.

Be safe, stay blessed!



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