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How to Prevent Rust on Your Car

Rust on car

Hello, everyone! No one likes a rusty car. Unfortunately, rust is an annoying but unavoidable part of life as your car ages. While, there is no such thing as “rust-proofing,” there ARE ways to slow down Mother Nature, hopefully until our loan payments are complete. Automobile parts affected by rust can be very expensive to replace and rack up repair bills. Fortunately for your car, there are ways we can extend the life of those pricey parts. Follow this easy guide on How to Prevent Rust on Your Car!

Find rust before it spreads

Rust on Wheels

One of the easiest ways to stop the spread of rust is to spot it before it has a chance to spread. One of the most common places of spreading is the wheel wells. It is important to inspect your wheels and your bumper regularly. Tire manufacturers recommend that you rotate your wheels every 6,000 miles. When you’re doing this, check for any rust! 


Another place where your vehicle is likely to rust? Where two pieces of metal meet. This is because when they rub together it wears away the protection the paint provides. This is most commonly found near the door frame, where the hood meets the fenders, and around the trunk. A good thing to look for is bubbling paint. If your paint is bubbling there is a strong chance of rust developing.

Park carefully to for prevention

parking on dirt will not prevent rust

Parking your car on dirt, grass, snow, and poorly-drained areas is just an invitation for rust to form on your vehicle. Unfortunately, garages and blacktop driveways are not accessible to everyone. If you think paving your driveway is out of your budget right now, call a mechanic and ask for estimates on replacing easily rusted parts like your exhaust pipe and brake rotors. You will quickly see the financial justification. Do not rest easy if you already have a paved driveway though! Old, cracked asphalt can expose your car to just as much moisture as a dirt field. Look into applying a layer of sealer to your driveway once a year.

Keep it clean

cleaning under carriage

We focus so hard on keeping the paint on our car shining and clean, but what about the undercarriage? If you travel frequently on gravel or dirt roads, the mud and gunk that will collect underneath your vehicle will act as a moisture trap, speeding up the rate in which your car will rust. Washing your vehicle regularly will help slow it down. When you wash, make sure you get the undercarriage and exhaust pipe!

Keep it fullfull gas

Fuel tanks can even be affected by rust. The liquid fuel can cause the metal in the fuel pump to be prone to rusting. Replacing your fuel tank can be one the most expensive car repairs you can make. Keeping your fuel tank full during the wet season can help prevent condensation from rusting your parts. There are also many other reasons why you should keep your tank full,

Blow it clean to prevent rust

compressed air

If you drive a larger vehicle, dust and dirt from the road can gather on top of the fuel tank and lead to rusting. While having this fixed can be a bit pricey, a good DIY method is to spray some compressed air on the tank to dislodge the debris. Be sure to wear goggles! Small rocks can get lodged in there and propel towards your face!


While rusting is an unavoidable part of owning a vehicle, it is important that we work to slow the process. It is very easy to add a few rust-prevention steps to your already existing vehicle maintenance routine! Following this easy guide will help to prevent rust on your car!

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