27 Apr

WNKY Goes Live with CASA and Cheetah Clean!

Cheetah Clean is proudly supporting CASA for the entire month of April for Child Abuse Prevention Month! We are fortunate enough that this is our 6th year of being part of the organization and have been bale to give back thousands of dollars! The wonderful advocates behind CASA make all of this possible and we are lucky to work with Jana Sublett for the South Central Kentucky district as well as Rosemary Condor and Dana Elkins with CASA of Ohio Valley and CASA of Bullitt County! All of us have been working in an effort to help the kids that need our attention the most. 1 out of 7 children will unfortunately suffer from abuse. With the whole community being able to rally together, we can make a difference to shrink those odds and ultimately diminish the statistic all together!

As we entered the last leg of the month, we were fortunate enough to be able to interview with Jana from SCK CASA and Chris Flanigan from WNKY on Friday, April 23rd as part of their VIP segment! We also were excited to debut Cheetah Clean’s very own, Kaylee Fields! This was her first commercial on TV and she nailed representing Cheetah Clean and how we support CASA from year to year! Over the course of the Zoom call, we were able to highlight what CASA does and how others are able to impact the community to rally together with them. We also were able to speak on how Cheetah has been able to contribute to the cause from past events and for future events!

We are very thankful to have been part of helping a great organization and we are looking forward to being able to help it for the future! Below will be a link to the video of the interview showcasing CASA with Jana and Cheetah featuring our very own Kaylee Fields! Enjoy!

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