10 May

Leaders are made at Cheetah Clean

It’s a great day to be apart of the Cheetah Clean Team. Last night, we closed down all of our locations early to focus on Manager Training and Company Enrichment. We hosted all of our manager’s and budding employees tonight to refocus ourselves, learn, and enjoy some pizza as a team!

Our very own Director of Operations, Craig Hovan, hosted and led our team in this training. We discussed topics such as leadership, how to become a great coach, establishing a culture, and applied discipline.


The Cheetah Clean methodology is one of a kind. You will not find another company who will work to improve their team members like Cheetah Clean. We set our goals high to maintain who we are as a company. We set ourselves apart through holding ourselves accountable, the speed of service, the quality of service, teamwork, training, and cleanliness of both cars and our facilities.





Our team strives to develop every single day. Our mantra is the speed of service, but our goal is to develop our employees to be the best team member, they can be. As we develop and grow in location size, we have to develop leaders for our future.


Holding ourselves accountable. Another discussion we had tonight, was dealing with customers. Owner and CEO, Jeff Fields says “The customer isn’t always right but they always do have a point.” Customers who are heard and appreciated are likely to de-escalate and become a satisfied client. Further, accountability allows for a healthier and happier work environment.

Task certification is the beginning of a new employee’s success and an employee who is trained and nurtured into a leader will become an unmatched asset to the corporations quality and profitability. Further, holding management accountable

allows for different types of learners to all succeed evenly. Work-life balance and consistency in service allow for our customers to remember the smiling faces that greet them and feel confident recommending us to their friends and family.

All in all, the cheetah coalition is on the hunt for great leaders of tomorrow, satisfied customers, and advocates of our brand and the perfect wash process! #RunWithUs #CheetahCoalition #LeadersofTomorrow










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