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Hand Washing Your Car Is Dangerous

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We’ve received many questions from our customers regarding the effects car washing has on the environment. Many would expect the answer to be “yes, it is harmful,” however, when you wash with us, the answer is actually the opposite. On the contrary, hand washing your car is dangerous.

Vehicles pack more than dirt, mud and general filth in tow. If you break down and analyze the micro-compounds that make up that grime, you’d be surprised at just how much harm you may be doing by not washing your car.

Not only that, it’s a proven fact that washing your car at home causes a lot more harm to the environment than any option available.

Effects of Washing at Home

The following is an excerpt taken from environment.com:

Few people realize that washing our cars in our driveways is one of the most environmentally un-friendly chores we can do around the house. Unlike household waste water that enters sewers or septic systems and undergoes treatment before it is discharged into the environment, what runs off from your car sweeps down your driveway (an impervious surface) and goes right into storm drains — and eventually into rivers, streams, creeks and wetlands where it poisons aquatic life and wreaks other ecosystem havoc.

After all, that water is loaded with a witch’s brew of gasoline, oil and residue from exhaust fumes — as well as the harsh detergents being used for the washing itself.

In summary, not washing your car actually harms the environment, and washing yourself in your driveway is much worse for Mother Nature than any other option.

At Cheetah Clean Auto Wash, it’s a mandated requirement that all of our wash locations drain their wastewater through our filtered system into the sewer channel, so it gets a mandated treatment before it is discharged back into the great outdoors.

Take Advantage of our Wash Services

The International Carwash Association (ICA) states the following: Being an industry group representing commercial car wash companies, we’ve studied and found that automatic car washes use less than half the water of even the most careful home car washer.

According to one report, washing a car at home typically uses between 80 and 140 gallons of water, while a commercial car wash averages less than 45 gallons per car.

Cheetah Clean Auto Wash is a proud member of the International Car Wash Association’s WaterSavers.

This culmination of car wash associates from all across the globe has met the requirements to be included in this environmentally-friendly initiative. Visit their site at this link for TONS of great information and animations that show and apply what we’re all about!

via watersavers.com

via watersavers.com

It is of the utmost importance for us to care for our environment. After all, it is the key to everyone’s livelihood. Whoever thought of helping the environment by simply washing your car!? The good news is, now you know!

A clean return of used wash water isn’t the only method we take in helping the environment. Don’t forget to look for our recycling bins for when you’re cleaning out your ride before taking advantage of our FREE boom vacuums!

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Join the #CheetahCoalition today to not only keep your ride looking great, but to help out the environment! Stop by any of our locations and go UNLIMITED today!

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