8 Feb

NoPileUps by DRB Systems in Action at Cheetah Clean Veterans Memorial!

  • By: Jeff Fields
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      Here at Cheetah Clean Auto Wash there is nothing we value more than the safety of our customers and their vehicles. In order to achieve this we have invested in a state-of-the-art vehicle tracking software called NoPileUps by DRB Systems that can put your mind at ease while we get your car clean, dry and shiny!

Speed of Production

      We strive to achieve the highest possible throughput in each of our tunnels, and in some cases this may mean vehicles are spaced with only a few feet of separation as they are cleaned. With NoPileUps, this distance is constantly monitored and can stop our wash equipment at a moments notice to prevent collisions!


Peace of Mind

     In the midst of all of the suds and spinning brushes in our car wash, it can be difficult to see what is going on in front and behind your vehicle but our tunnel cameras have got you covered! Our cameras along with this software have prevented over 100 collisions in the past year of operations with ZERO accidents in that time frame!


Check out the video below to see NoPileUps in action, and don’t forget to come by and get your car CHEETAH CLEANED today!



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