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30 Sep

We Are Improving Our Services

Beginning Thursday, September 30, 2021, you may notice an increase in the amount you pay for the services we provide. We want to take a moment to let you know what we are doing and have done to warrant that additional investment from you to keep your vehicle looking its best. We are increasing our […]

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03 Dec

Technology of a Car Wash: New & Improved

Hello, Cheetah Fam! We have much to cover so please excuse me as I dig right into this generalized statement: Technology is an interesting thing. Societally speaking, there’s a duality to it, a push-pull of perspectives that demands an answer to a very debatable question: Does it help or does it harm us?     […]

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16 Sep

Why Become an Unlimited Member?

    Hello, everyone! Like always, I hope all is well and you’re enjoying yourselves fully this week. Today we’re going to discuss the many benefits of becoming an Unlimited Member at Cheetah Clean Auto Wash. Finances alone, signing up for one of the Unlimited Plans is worth every single bit of the monthly expense. […]

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